TimeClock Privacy Statement

In this Privacy Statement:

  • Customer means the Party recorded as the Customer in a SaaS Agreement relating to TimeClock.
  • Data means all data, content, and information (including Personal Information) owned, held, used, or created by, or on behalf of, a Customer that is stored using, or inputted into, the services provided through the SaaS Agreement including timesheet data related to labour, equipment, allowances and materials. 
  • Permitted User means an individual authorised by a Customer to use the TimeClock Software under a Customer’s SaaS Agreement relating to TimeClock, through a unique username and password.
  • Personal Information has the same meaning as under the Privacy Act 2020 which is available here. 
  • SaaS Agreement means the SaaS Agreement relating to TimeClock between Dialog Fitzroy Limited (as Supplier) and a Customer for the use of the TimeClock Software Service.
  • TimeClock Software means the software that is used to provide the TimeClock Software Service.
  • You, your means the person who’s Personal Information we may collect, use, store and disclose in connection with the TimeClock Software Service.


  1. Dialog Fitzroy Limited (also referred to as we, us, our) are committed to complying with the New Zealand Privacy Act when dealing with Personal Information. 


  2. This Privacy Statement confirms how we will collect, use, store and disclose your Personal Information.  


    Collection and Use

  3. When you use the TimeClock Software, we may collect the following Personal Information about you:
    1. Your name, email address and contact phone number,
    2. The name of your employer, or any person/entity you are working with (for example as a contractor or agent). 
    3. The nature of your work, including the location and type of work you perform and the times and dates on which that work is performed,
    4. Any interactions you have with the TimeClock Software, and
    5. The device and network you use to access the TimeClock Software, including your IP address and your location when accessing the TimeClock Software.


  4. If you do not provide the requested Personal Information, you and/or the Customer may not receive the full functionality of the TimeClock Software.


  5. We will use the Personal Information we collect from you to provide the TimeClock Software service to you and the Customer, to administer your registration for the TimeClock Software, to communicate with you and resolve any issues with the TimeClock Software. 



  6. We will take reasonable steps to keep your Personal Information safe from loss, unauthorised activity or other misuse. 


  7. Your Personal Information will be held in the TimeClock Software.  Your Personal Information may also be held by us in secure servers in New Zealand and/or Australia. 



  8. The Personal Information we collect from you will be available to us.  We may also provide your Personal Information to other people that use or support the TimeClock Software (including those that maintain or host the underlying Software). 


  9. Any Data that you input into the TimeClock Software, or that is inputted by others, will also be available to the Customer who has authorised you to be a Permitted User, and this Data may include your Personal Information.  This Data may also be shared and/or accessed by other Customers to which that Data relates (for example for a particular site or job).


  10. If you are using the TimeClock Service for a Customer (for example, as an employee, contractor or other agent) we may share your Personal Information with that Customer (for example, where you do not provide the required Personal Information to complete your registration to be a Permitted User of the TimeClock Software). 



  11. You have the right under the Privacy Act to ask for a copy of any Personal Information we hold about you, and to ask for it to be corrected if you think that it is wrong.  To request access to your Personal Information (or for a correction), please contact us at support@timeclock.co.nz, 06-929 3799 , or 691 Devon Road, New Plymouth. 


  12. We may update this Privacy Statement from time to time and any changes will be available on our website.  This Privacy Statement was last updated 21st December 2020.
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